Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Finally...I've started CPD23 with my Thing 1

I've so wanted to do my own blog since I first heard of cpd23 months ago but never made a start.  My stumbling block was what to call my blog!  Anyway today I combined the three main roles in my adult life and think it sounds ok as well as saying who I am.

I'm proud to say that I served in the Women's Royal Army Corps (WRAC) for almost seven years and loved every minute of it.  I was a data telegraphist, which in civilian terms is a telex operator, and over 30 years ago was sending messages across the globe in minutes.  I served in Germany, York and Edinburgh where I did the same job but three different environments so never got bored.  I only left the WRAC when I was pregnant with my eldest son as this was in the days when you didn't have soldier mums.

My second major role was that of being an Army mum and housewife.  Allan & I married in 1981, had Daniel in 1983 then Matthew in 1985.  I was in the lucky position of not having to go out to work, though to be honest I didn't really think of doing it any other way.  I'm very much a traditionalist, although I wasn't bothered about having kids, it never crossed my mind not to have any.  I loved my time with the boys; it took me down new avenues that I embraced wholeheartedly.  We've lived all over the world, moved 14 times and the one constant has been our family unit.  I returned to full time work in 1994 when a great opportunity opened for me in Rheindahlen Garrison Library.

I started part time in the back room processing books for branch libraries, then went full-time and in July 1994 when the library was re-structured I became Garrison Librarian (shambrarian hadn't been thought of then!).  Although I had no library qualifications, our Command Librarian had great confidence in my abilities and I'm always grateful to have been in the right place at the right time.  The library went from using the Brown system to going live with a UNIX system.  I really enjoyed the challenge this gave me, the system administrator was in Aldershot and he used to instruct me over the phone!  During this time I did my C & G Library Assistant certificate through distant learning with Telford College, Edinburgh and sitting my exams at the Army Education Centre in Rheindahlen.

As Allan came to the end of his regular career (he's still a non-regular soldier) we left Germany and I became a part-time library aide in the Robinson Library, Newcastle University.  I enjoyed doing this although I found it frustrating not to get any meaty jobs so was really pleased when I was successful getting a school librarian post.

I started at Seaton Burn College in 1998 as a Library & Learning Support Assistant but was known as the Librarian (which in effect I was & am).  I'd never really thought of working in a school, however meeting the needs of staff and students from ages 11 - 18 gives me all the variety and challenges I could ever ask for.  As a solo librarian I get to do those meaty tasks as well as the mundane but enjoy working as an individual within the much bigger whole school team.  In 2002 I returned to distant learning by doing BSc Information & Library Studies with Aberystwyth University.  It was a proud day when I graduated in 2008 with my family watching me.  I started the degree to give me more job options but by the time I graduated I thought I'd just retire from here.  I still love my role but things have gone on that have unsettled me so I'm now half-heartedly job searching.

Now I'm aware that I've waffled on loads but believe when I say this could go on for longer as I'm renowned as a chatterbox.  For now thank you for reading this far and now for the rest of the Things.

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  1. Great first post Julia :) And please do chatter away, I'll read all of it!