Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hooray! 2nd chance...

Last year I started 23 Things but time ran out on me.  This time around I'm determined to work through the complete list and stay on top of things, making sure I use the 'catch up' time when necessary.  

 This is my first post since my introduction last August (as you can see from the archives) but fingers crossed it's the first of many, watch this space...


  1. Hi Julia, just saw your blog pop up on my CPD23 feed! Hope you have enough time this year, we've spread the Things out a bit more and added an extra catch up week so hopefully no-one will get left behind!


  2. Hi Julia, I was interested in your post about working in Army Libraries as until February I was working at Prince Consort's Library in Aldershot where the Systems Librarian (who is still there)is based. I visited Germany twice to help train Library Assistants there but as the number of troops in Germany draw down some of the libraries are closing and Rheindalen will also be going.

    Good luck with yout CPD23 experience.

  3. Hi Julia, it's great to find another school libarian having a go at The 23 Things. We are following each other on Twitter but I had not realised that you are also a former distance learner with Aber, as I am. In fact we probably attended a couple of the summer study schools at the same time. I started in 2001 and graduated in 2005. I'm hoping that I can manage to complete all the things and the slower pace this year should help. Good luck!

  4. Hi Julia,
    I'm also doing 23 Things for the second time. I only got as far as Thing 2 last year and have since kept intending to work through the programme. The fact tha tit is been re-run has given me motivation.

    At least others are doing it at the same time.


  5. Fingers crossed we all have time to get further than Thing 1 this year - last year I didn't even get as far as registering but I'm already getting behind this year and we're only on Thing 3! Nice to find some other school librarian blogs - I mostly follow teen book review blogs at the moment.

  6. Looking forward to your participation in Rudai 23 Julia. Best of luck the #Rudai23 team :)